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ZIP Code: - Town Hall address: , Phone: ++39 , Fax: ++39 , E-Mail: . Province: . Distance from the chief town (): chilometri. Inhabitants: 0 (Istat 2016). Denomination: .

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Geographic data: Surface: square kilometers. Height above sea level: meters. Min. height: meters. Max. Height: meters. Altimetric difference: meters.

Population and Statistical data: Population density: inhabitants per square kilometer. Population on 1991: inhabitants - Population on 2001: inhabitants - Population on 2011: inhabitants .- Percentual variation 2001 -1991: . Percentual variation 2011 -1991: . Percentual variation 2011 -2001: . Families: . Medium value of the components of a generic family: people.

Most recent data about Population: On January, 1 2016 there where 0 inhabitants in , 0 males and 0 females. There where 0 inhabitants less than one year old (0 males and 0 females) and 0 inhabitants being one-hundred years old or more (0 males and 0 females).

Foreign citizens: On January 1, 2014 were resident in 0 foreign citizens, 0 of whom males and 0 females.On December 31 of the same year were resident in 0 foreign citizens, 0 of whom males and 0 females, thus being the 0.00% of the population of .

Workers: people, that is the of the inhabitants of the town of .

Industries: Workers: Percentual value:
Services: Workers: Percentual value:
Administration: Workers: Percentual value:
Others: Workers: Percentual value:

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Data not yet available for the town of .

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The local taxes in ordered by kind and date, along with their old values ones.

Region Province Town Date Kind
Campania 2015-05-28 "IMU"
Campania 2014-10-22 "IMU"
Campania 2014-10-22 "IMU"
Campania 2014-10-19 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-23 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-23 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-20 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-11 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-11 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-10 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-09 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-06 "IMU"
Campania 2013-12-04 "IMU"
Campania 2013-11-29 "IMU"
Campania 2013-11-27 "IMU"
Campania 2013-11-18 "IMU"
Campania 2013-11-08 "IMU"
Campania 2013-11-07 "IMU"
Campania 2013-10-31 "IMU"
Campania 2013-10-09 "IMU"
Campania 2013-09-20 "IMU"
Campania 2013-09-05 "IMU"
Campania 2013-08-22 "IMU"
Campania 2013-08-14 "IMU"
Campania 2013-08-14 "IMU"
Campania 2013-08-08 "IMU"
Campania 2013-08-07 "IMU"
Campania 2013-08-01 "IMU"
Campania 2013-07-30 "IMU"
Campania 2013-07-29 "IMU"
Campania 2013-07-26 "IMU"
Campania 2013-07-19 "IMU"
Campania 2013-07-19 "IMU"
Campania 2013-07-05 "IMU"
Campania 2013-07-02 "IMU"
Campania 2013-07-02 "IMU"
Campania 2013-06-27 "IMU"
Campania 2013-06-17 "IMU"
Campania 2013-05-27 "IMU"
Campania 2013-05-10 "IMU"
Campania 2013-05-09 "IMU"
Campania 2013-05-09 "IMU"
Campania 2013-05-08 "IMU"
Campania 2013-05-07 "IMU"
Campania 2013-05-06 "IMU"
Campania 2013-05-03 "IMU"
Campania 2013-04-23 "IMU"
Campania 2013-04-22 "IMU"
Campania 2013-04-16 "IMU"
Campania 2013-04-05 "IMU"
Campania 2013-04-03 "IMU"
Campania 2013-04-03 "IMU"
Campania 2013-03-27 "IMU"
Campania 2013-03-19 "IMU"
Campania 2012-12-14 "IMU"
Campania 2012-12-03 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-30 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-29 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-28 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-26 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-22 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-21 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-20 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-20 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-16 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-15 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-15 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-15 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-15 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-13 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-12 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-12 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-12 "IMU"
Campania 2012-11-09 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-29 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-29 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-24 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-22 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-22 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-19 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-16 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-15 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-11 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-10 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-08 "IMU"
Campania 2012-10-05 "IMU"
Campania 2012-08-13 "IMU"
Campania 2012-08-10 "IMU"
Campania 2012-08-08 "IMU"
Campania 2012-08-06 "IMU"
Campania 2012-08-06 "IMU"
Campania 2012-08-02 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-31 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-31 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-30 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-25 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-25 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-25 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-24 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-23 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-19 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-18 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-17 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-12 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-10 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-09 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-09 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-02 "IMU"
Campania 2012-07-02 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-28 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-27 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-27 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-26 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-26 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-21 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-19 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-15 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-08 "IMU"
Campania 2012-06-04 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-31 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-31 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-31 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-31 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-30 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-30 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-30 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-28 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-25 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-24 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-21 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-18 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-18 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-18 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-17 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-17 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-16 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-15 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-10 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-03 "IMU"
Campania 2012-05-02 "IMU"
Campania 2012-04-26 "IMU"
Campania 2012-04-26 "IMU"
Campania 2012-04-17 "IMU"
Campania 2014-07-04 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2014-07-02 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2014-07-01 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2014-05-26 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2014-05-26 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2014-05-25 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2014-05-21 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2014-05-19 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2014-05-19 "IMU+TASI"
Campania 2015-05-28 "TARI"
Campania 2014-09-16 "TARI"
Campania 2014-09-15 "TARI"
Campania 2014-09-03 "TARI"
Campania 2014-06-11 "TARI"
Campania 2014-05-28 "TARI"
Campania 2014-05-28 "TARI"
Campania 2014-05-27 "TARI"
Campania 2014-05-21 "TARI"
Campania 2015-05-28 "TASI"
Campania 2014-10-17 "TASI"
Campania 2014-09-11 "TASI"
Campania 2014-09-05 "TASI"
Campania 2014-09-03 "TASI"
Campania 2014-05-08 "TASI"
Highways and motorways in
No data available for the town of .

The expenditure items and their amounts for the Municipality of

For the town of the expenditure items and their amounts are not available because the municipality is no more existant.

The income items and their amounts for the Municipality of

For the town of the income items and their amounts are not available because the municipality is no more existant.

The town of has no boundary with any other town. ( Possible reason: the municipality consists of an isle where there are no additional towns)

In the territory of also rise the villages of Allevatori di Castori (11,87 km), Andreoli (7,93 km), Barizzo di Sopra (8,80 km), Borgonuovo (6,21 km), C.Procuzzi (8,00 km), Cafasso (7,79 km), Cafasso - Borgo Nuovo (8,07 km), Capaccio Scalo (8,70 km), Capo di Fiume (5,24 km), Case sparse (-- km), Crispi (2,61 km), Foce del Sele (15,70 km), Foce Sele (15,76 km), Fuscillo (7,41 km), Getsemani (3,70 km), Gromola (11,66 km), Laura (11,92 km), Licinella (6,97 km), Licinella - Torre di Paestum (9,28 km), Olmo Panno 2 (11,33 km), Paestum (8,24 km), Parula (8,73 km), Pietrale - Capo di Fiume (5,15 km), Pila (7,03 km), Podere San Rocco (6,45 km), Ponte Barizzo (10,58 km), Queglia 1 (8,84 km), Residenza - Dorica (6,28 km), Rettifilo (7,07 km), Rettifilo - Vannullo (7,07 km), Sabatella (9,50 km), Santa Caterina (5,02 km), Santa Venere (7,77 km), Scigliati (6,66 km), Scigliati 1 (5,77 km), Seliano (9,89 km), Seude Grattacaso (3,92 km), Sorvella (6,87 km), Spinazzo (6,46 km), Stregara (10,45 km), Tempa San Paolo (4,82 km), Torre di Paestum (6,97 km), Vannullo (4,49 km), Villaggio Merola (15,78 km), Vuccolo di Maiorano (4,85 km).

The number in parentheses following each village name indicate the distance between the same village and the municipality of .

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Seeking Giliberti or Martucci Family 2019-06-14
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Dichiara Ancestry Lineage in Greci 2019-05-07

Electronic invoice codes for the Municipal Departments and Offices of

Departments, Offices, Officials and Codes for electronic invoices for the town of

1 Offices where found.They are reported in alphabetical order in what follows.

OfficeUnique CodeManager
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 1
84047 Capaccio
Fiscal Code: 81001170653
UFX30C Italo Voza (PEC)
The Town Council of

Data are under upgrading.

The Parishes in

There are 9 parishes in .

Nostra Signora Divina ProvvidenzaCapaccioPonte BarizzoDato Mancante1,000Diocese of Vallo della Lucania
S. Giuseppe LavoratoreCapaccioVia Scigliati1,000Diocese of Vallo della Lucania
S. Maria AssuntaCapaccioPaestumVia S. Maria Assunta3,153Diocese of Vallo della Lucania
S. Maria di LoretoCapaccioCapaccio ScaloVia Laura1,500Diocese of Vallo della Lucania
S. Maria GorettiCapaccioGromolaDato Mancante3,000Diocese of Vallo della Lucania
S. PietroCapaccioDato Mancante2,300Diocese of Vallo della Lucania
S. RitaCapaccioCapaccio ScaloContrada Rettifilo1,500Diocese of Vallo della Lucania
S. VitoCapaccioCapaccio ScaloDato Mancante5,570Diocese of Vallo della Lucania
SS. AnnunziataCapaccioPaestumPiazza della Basilica1,644Diocese of Vallo della Lucania

Please find in the previous table the full listing of the parish in .

Banks and bank branches in

In the town of there is no bank

Pharmacies in and surroundings

Pharmacies that satisfies che search criteria: 1

Name Town Address Hamlet ZIP Kind VAT number Street View
San Pio Via Regina, 36 - 22010 Ordinaria 03009890124 Photo and maps
The Parapharmacies in and surroundings

Parapharmacies that satisfies che search criteria: 2

Name Town Address ZIP VAT number Street View
Farmogliastra Srl C.So Umberto 63/C 08046 01250970918 Street view and maps
Silvesan Dott.Ssa Mandras Giuseppina C.So Vittorio Emanuele, 56 07020 01981810904 Street view and maps
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There is no School in the town of .

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