Local area ZIP codes for the town of Pisa, in the region of Toscana

Please find here information about the local area ZIP codes of Pisa by using the below reported tool.

It allows to obtain the ZIP code for any street, sqare and so on in the town of Pisa.

It's possible to search by ZIP code, by name or by kind (street, square and so on...)

It also allows you to obtain the full listing of the places sharing the same ZIP code in the town of Pisa.

Please also enclosed find the data about the villages, when available.

The * character means "any".

Search engine: ZIP codes

Search options available:

ZIP Code: (8)
Village: (6)
Village (alt. name): (0)
Street/Square name: (1119)
Street/Square name (alt. name): (0)
Kind: (47)

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