Degree day values and climate class of ​​each Italian municipality

Degree day values and climate class of ​​each Italian municipality along with a custom search engine

For each municipality are provided:

  • Height above sea level of the town
  • Degree day value of the town
  • Climate class of the town

The climate class is particularly significant because it sets the number of hours of heating per day and the start and end dates of the use of heating systems themselves.

Please find below the related table:

Climate classDegree day value min.Degree day value max.Hours of heatingStart dateEnd date
A06006December, 1March, 15
B6019008December, 1March, 31
C9011.40010November, 15March, 31
D1.401 2.100 12 November, 1April, 15
E2.101 3.000 14 October, 15 April, 15
F3.001 More than 3.001No limitsAll year longAll year long

Choose the municipality of your interest:

You can conduct research at the provincial level by height above sea level ranges of the Italian towns by selecting the desired values in the form beside.

This will return a list of all the municipalities that meet the search criteria, together with their height above sea level, the value of their degree day and the climate class.

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