Seismicity and seismic classification of every Italian town, along with a search engine

The Italian regions, to which the State delegated the adoption of the seismic classification of the territory (Legislative Decree No. 112 of 1998 and Decree of the President of the Republic No. 380 of 2001 - "Single Text of the Standards for Construction"), compiled the list of municipalities with its attribution to one of the four declining hazardous areas in which the national territory was reclassified.

  • Zone 1 - It's the most dangerous area. Severe earthquakes can occur
  • Zone 2 - There may be severe earthquakes in this area
  • Zone 3 - There may be severe earthquakes in this area but they are rare
  • Zone 4 - It's the least dangerous area. Earthquakes are rare

From 1 July 2009 for each new building reference must be made to a reference acceleration identified on the basis of the geographic coordinates of the building area and alaso depending on the nominal life of the building.

This acceleration value is defined for each point of the national territory, on a square mesh of 5 km, regardless of the municipal administrative boundaries.

The seismic classification (seismic zone belonging to the municipality) remains useful only for the management of planning and for the control of the territory by the entities concerned. (Source: Department of Civil Protection)

Please find below the related table:

Seismic classMinimum acceleration with a probability of exceeding 10% in 50 years (ag)Maximum acceleration with probability of exceeding 10% in 50 years (ag)
1More than 0.25No limit
2More than 0.15Less or equal to 0.25
3More than 0.05Less or equal to 0.15
4More or equal than 0Less or equal to 0.05

You will find:

  • Region, province and town
  • seismic class of the town
  • Average value of the seismic class of the town belonging to the province

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