Statistical data and 3D graphics about number of females in Marzabotto

Please find in what follows both a 3D graphic representation as well as a table representation for the category number of females in Marzabotto

On the "Ages" axis each points collects the data for ages comprised between the displayed valued and the next one along the axis

As an example, the value 35 collects all the people whose age is comprised between 35 and 39 years, due to the facty that che next point on the "Ages" axis is 40.

This is stated in an more explicit way in the tabular representation of the 3D data.

Satistical data about population

Town of Marzabotto - category: number of females

Age 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
00-04 years132136127139152157179187180184
05-09 years122116127136131139140141146158
10-14 years132135136144149128127132135139
15-19 years111108104108117138135147151148
20-24 years165156155132131126141135129137
25-29 years188180178195184181184176165161
30-34 years265260267257253220220228237222
35-39 years284301284300288294283287265273
40-44 years259263267256276300317305302291
45-49 years241232238269263255262273271293
50-54 years266280238223222234227241276273
55-59 years194200237247254250263230220228
60-64 years204208215204185191187226237239
65-69 years157163176169185190191186184185
70-74 years155156154151147141148164161176
75-79 years103102113127132143141135131126
80-84 years7894100978978828699111
85-89 years56514241455461666770
90-94 years30303533343423212023
95-99 years7871010118121011
More than 99 years0000001133

For the town of Marzabotto are available the statistical data about Single females, Single males, Married females, Married males, Divorced females, Divorced males, Widows, Widowers, about the Number of females and also about the Number of males.

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