Statistical data and 3D graphics about single males in Parma

Please find in what follows both a 3D graphic representation as well as a table representation for the category single males in Parma

On the "Ages" axis each points collects the data for ages comprised between the displayed valued and the next one along the axis

As an example, the value 35 collects all the people whose age is comprised between 35 and 39 years, due to the facty that che next point on the "Ages" axis is 40.

This is stated in an more explicit way in the tabular representation of the 3D data.

Satistical data about population

Town of Parma - category: single males

Age 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
00-04 years3,2063,3183,4393,6653,7193,8093,9494,1154,2934,441
05-09 years2,9142,9753,0273,3723,5023,5883,5743,7533,8613,932
10-14 years2,9683,0683,0253,1903,2703,3293,4083,5193,6923,787
15-19 years3,1303,0123,0463,2523,3143,4513,5143,5863,6663,720
20-24 years3,8233,6253,4133,8613,8473,7943,8114,0964,1234,187
25-29 years5,1324,9144,5395,2164,8454,7534,6264,7684,6484,790
30-34 years4,1024,2884,2914,8914,8764,9624,7994,7484,5914,499
35-39 years2,4292,6062,7833,3123,3743,5653,5993,6833,7683,819
40-44 years1,3251,4241,6011,8921,9622,2082,2532,3982,6052,771
45-49 years8008409231,1201,1311,3001,3081,4571,5551,701
50-54 years5756116026666967967828589571,004
55-59 years464479505530550572579570599648
60-64 years436463455449410425428452464499
65-69 years365388377406412430435425407378
70-74 years285274304302310329334325352356
75-79 years246242232236223220223255241260
80-84 years116143151165168167158138141144
85-89 years63584748596782889394
90-94 years21283627313220101521
95-99 years433666101187
More than 99 years0000000011

For the town of Parma are available the statistical data about Single females, Single males, Married females, Married males, Divorced females, Divorced males, Widows, Widowers, about the Number of females and also about the Number of males.

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